Donation Request

The Seattle Seahawks main focus of giving is centered on youth athletics and education. Due to the large volume of requests we receive annually the following guidelines have been established.

  1. ALL DONATION REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE a minimum of eight weeks prior to event/procurement date.  We do not accept paper submissions or requests submitted via fax, email or telephone.
  2. The Seahawks have established a regional focus for in-kind donations. Organizations located in the Pacific Northwest (WA, AK, OR, ID, MT) that are centered on education and youth athletics will generally receive support, depending on the nature and scope of the request or event.
  3. If your organization is located outside of the above geographic area, please contact the NFL team nearest you to request a donation.
  4. NFL rules place a limit on team's use of complimentary tickets, therefore, we are unable to donate tickets.
  5. Information you will need to complete the online donation form : Event Information (Name, Date, Location, Description); Charity Information (Organization, Address, 501(c)3 Tax ID #, Phone, etc.); Contact Information (Name, Email Address, Phone Number)
  6. Due to the large volume of requests received each year, we do not accept items from outside of our organization to be autographed.

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